Long March 2D launch Vehicle (LM-2D)

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LM-2D is manufactured by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST). The development of LM-2D was started in Feb. 1990. Starting from 2002, to meet the demand of SSO satellites, the payload fairing of 3350mm in diameter and attitude control engine for second stage have been successfully developed; and the discharge of remaining propellant and de-orbit of the second stage have been realized.

LM-2D is mainly used for launching LEO and SSO satellites. It is mainly launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and can be launched from China’s other satellite launch centers. It is characterized with high reliability, wide application and mature technology.

Technical Data

LM-2D is 41.056m long. Its frst, second stages and payload fairing are all 3.35m in diameter. Its lift-off mass is about 250t with 2961.6kN engine thrust. The payload capability of LM-2D for 645km SSO is 1300kg.

Stage 1st Stage 2nd Stage     
Main Engine  VernierEngine
Diameter (m) 3.35 3.35
Stage Length(m) 27.910m 10.9m
Mass of propellant (t) 182t 52.7t
Propellant N2O4/UDMH
Engine YF-21C YF-24C
Engine Thrust (KN) 2961.6KkN 742.04kN 47.1kN
Specific Impulse(m/s)
2550 2942 2834
Lift-off Mass (t) 2961.6kN
Overall Length (m) 41.056
Fairing Diameter (m) 3.35
Fairing Length (m) 6.983
SSO Payload Capability(kg) 1300

1. PLF 11. 2nd Stage Main Engine
2. Payload 12. Inter-stage Shell Section
3. Supporting Bay 13. Inter-stage Strut Structure
4. Front Shell of 2nd Stage Oxidizer Tank 14. 1st Stage Oxidizer Tank
5. Equipment Bay 15. Inter-tank Section
6. Inter-stage Section 16. 1st Stage Fuel Tank
7. 2nd Stage Oxidizer Tank 17. Rear Transition Section
8. Inter-tank Section 18. Stabilizing Fin
9. 2nd Stage Fuel Tank 19. 1st Stage Engine
10. 2nd Stage Vernier Engine  

(as of April 1, 2010)
LM-2D Launch Record
No. Flight No. Launch Date Satellite Orbit Launch Site Result
1 LM-2D F01 9Aug.. 1992 FHW LEO JSLC Success
2 LM-2D F02 3July. 1994 FHW LEO JSLC Success
3 LM-2D F03 20 Oct. 1996 FHW LEO JSLC Success
4 LM-2DF04 3 Nov. 2003 FHW LEO JSLC Success
5 LM-2DF05 27 Sept. 2004 FHW LEO JSLC Success
6 LM-2D F06 6 July 2005 SJ-7 SSO JSLC Success
7 LM-2D F07 29 Aug. 2005 FHW LEO JSLC Success
8 LM-2D F08 25 May 2007 YG-2/ PicoSat-1 SSO JSLC Success
9 LM-2D F09 5 Nov. 2008 CX 1-(02)/SY-3 SSO JSLC Success
10 LM-2D F10 1 Dec. 2008 YG-4 SSO JSLC Success
11 LM-2D F11 9 Dec. 2009 YG-7 LEO JSLC Success