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SOURCE: China Space News

BEIJING, June 3 (China Space News) — China's newly launched high-resolution mapping satellite ZY-III 02 has delivered its first batch of images after being launched on Monday.

The satellite images were taken at 10:57 on Tuesday, and cover an expansive area across northeast China including the Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong.

The satellite took 120 maps for the first batch. The maps are of high quality with good sharpness.

According to preliminary analysis, ZY-III 02's first round of maps produced 3-D image mapping to a resolution ratio of two meters, which provides a solid foundation for geographical mapping in scales of 1: 50000 and 1:25000.

In the future, both ZY-III 01 and 02 will operate together on tasks such as conducting land resource surveys, natural disaster prevention, agriculture and forestry projects, water conservation, urban planning and transportation.