Introduction of Hongyan Sat Constellation and other International Space application projects on Global Space Exploration Conference 2017 by CGWIC The current page: Home -> News

July 8 2017, CGWIC was invited to attend the forum of "Development and Prospect of China Small Satellite" under the GLEX 2017, and gave a speech about Hongyan Sat Constellation project. CGWIC introduced the Constellation blue print, technical index and application of Hongyan Sat Constellation in the area of Public emergency communication, Internet of Thing(IOT) and Industry. During the meeting CGWIC also introduced other international commercial space application projects, and expressed the intention of jointly developing these commercial projects. International Space application projects were arousing wide interest during the meeting.

Chief Executive officer of SANSA Dr. Valanathan, and Dr. Kimani from Kenya National Space Secretariat showed a great interest in these application projects after the meeting.

GLEX2017 was opened, on June 6 2017, thousands of space experts from 51 countries came to join the conference.