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Milestone Events
December 3, 2006
On December 3, 2006, CGWIC offices moved from their old address at No. 30 Haidian South Road to DaDi Technology Plaza, at No 67, Northern Forth Ring Road.
November 15, 2006
On November 15, 2006, CGWIC President Wang Haibo was selected as representative of the fourteenth congress of the Haidian District People's Congress.
July 21, 2006
On July 21, 2006, CGWIC signed a share transfer agreement with Beijing Aerospace Satellite Applications Corporation for the shares of Great Wall Airlines Co. Ltd., whereby the shares in Great Wall Airlines Co. Ltd. will be transferred to Beijing Aerospace Satellite Applications Corporation.
June 22, 2006

On June 22, 2006, a ceremony marking the start of flights by Great Wall Airlines Co. Ltd. was held in Shanghai.

June 15, 2006
On June 15, 2006, CGWIC formally issued a statement to the media, on the freezing of its assets in the United States by the U.S Treasury Department.
June 13, 2006
On June 13, 2006, the U.S Treasury Department announces that it had placed four Chinese companies on a list of companies whose assets are to be frozen, and that it would freeze CGWIC assets in the USA.
April 26, 2006
On April 26, 2006, CGWIC President Wang Haibo attended the Nigerian President's welcome dinner for PRC President Hu Jintao. On the 27th, President Hu attended a Sino-Nigerian Entrepreneurs' Forum, which President Wang Haibo was invited to attend.
April 17, 2006
On April 17, 2006, CGWIC achieved ISO-9000 international quality approval, and received the appropriate certification.
January 20, 2006
On January 20, 2006, CGWIC signed a launch services contract with China Satellite Communications Corporation for the launch of the ChinaSat-6B satellite on board a LM-3B launch vehicle. The satellite will be launched in the first half of 2007 from the Xicheng Satellite Launch Center, and be placed into orbit at a longitude of 115.5°E.