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Milestone Events
December 11, 2007
On December 11, 2007, the company achieved certification as an international tender qualification agent for mechanical and electrical products
December 6, 2007
On December 6, 2007, the company achieved 6S management certification.
September 19, 2007
On September 19, 2007, the CBERS-02B satellite is successfully launched on board an LM-4B launch vehicle from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center.
August 9, 2007

On August 9, 2007, CGWIC was awarded a High-Technology Enterprise Certificate and a High-Technology Enterprise Authorisation Certificate.

August 4, 2007
On August 4, 2007, a contract for a project to introduce polysilicon production is signed with NKM of Russia.
July 6, 2007
On July 6, 2007, in-orbit delivery of NigComSat-1 communications satellite was officially completed in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

The handover of the NigComSat-1 communications satellite marked the first time that China has provided a complete launch service to a foreign client comprising the launch vehicle, satellite and ground support facilities.

July 5, 2007
On July 5, 2007, the ChinaSat-6B satellite was successfully launched from the Xicheng Satellite Launch Center.
October 17, 2008
On October 16-17, 2008, CGWIC passed acceptance checks for its new regulated control systems.
June 18-24, 2007
From June 18 to 24, 2007, CGWIC participated in the 47th Paris Air Show, during which it displayed a new-generation launch vehicle currently under development by the Chinese space industry.
May 22, 2007
On May 22, 2007, after five Earth orbits, the NigComSat-1 communications satellite is successfully placed in orbit above the equator at a longitude of 42° E.
May 14, 2007
On May 14, 2007, the NigComSat-1 communications satellite was launched successfully from the Xicheng Satellite Launch Center.
April 18, 2007
On April 18, 2007, during the visit of a four-member team from the University of Georgia's Center for International Trade and Security led by Center Director Gary Betsch, CGWIC provided an overview of its export control measures.
January 25, 2007
On January 25, 2007, CGWIC sent its signed copy of the CBERS-02B satellite launch service contract to the Brazilian partner, marking the formal signing of the contract. The satellite will be launched in the first half of 2007 from the Xichange Satellite Launch Center, and will be placed in orbit at a longitude of 115.5°E.
January 4, 2007
On January 4, 2007, Zhang Xinqiang was appointed Vice President of CGWIC.